Seven blogs in seven days…..

As I was driving to work this morning, daydreaming about my life ( I am a Pisces we live half our lives in thought) “why don’t you blog for seven days straight” popped into my head…. hmmm I thought, why DON’T I? Then I laughed to myself remembering all the things people say to me about what a great writer I am but a shitshow in person and thought…7 days is ALOT of me. Here’s the thing…. you don’t HAVE to read all of them or any of them. Clearly, I am doing this for me and not your approval so I am gonna do it. Blog for seven days straight.

No, yesterday doesn’t count.

I am interested, however, in what might come up in my life over the course of the next seven days now that I’ve opened my big mouth and committed to this. See, the thing with me is if I say it is going to happen, it will. I don’t always commit, but when I do it’s a done deal. I feel very strongly in the power of my word, so I don’t take commitments lightly. If I say I am going to do something, I am going to do it. Just ask my daughter, she will tell you.

I think consistency is one of the most important elements in a child’s life.  It builds security and stability. Trust is formed when a person tells a child something is going to happen, and then makes it happen. My daughter never doubted that if I told her I was going to punish her, I would. For every bad decision or action, there is a consequence. She also always knew that if I promised her something, she’d get it. I was very rationale in my raising of my pre-teen daughter. She’s a smart girl, so we didn’t have any problems until recently, and even now… she knows I mean business and I am willing to have her hate me in order to raise her right.

I might be ALOT (rolling my eyes) but I do come from a place of love, always. My intentions are pure and I do want what’s best for all the people in my life.

Unless I hate you. Just kidding, I don’t hate anyone. What a waste of emotion. It takes all the power away from you and gives it to someone who probably doesn’t deserve it and will wreak havoc and create drama whenever they go. Ya no thanks, bye.

I am enjoying this woman, 2.0 who is less stressed (most days) and finds pleasure in the success of others. I have been a fitness instructor for 28 years, it CAN’T still be about me. (yes I was 12 when I started teaching… wink wink). I am thankful for the people who get up and take my class, some every day, some whenever they can…. I often tell my students that I need them WAY more than they need me… I’ve heard ALL of my stories and sometimes the sound of my voice is just annoying….. lol. But it’s true.

Ok, day one of seven, I promise not to get so desperate for content that I start talking about rearranging my closet. (I had NO idea that people actually wrote about such things but they do). I will try to give you a little break from your day and have you experience life through my eyes. I do see some interesting stuff on the daily. It used to bother me but now I just laugh thinking I should put THAT in the blog….

For example, this very morning I was teaching a yoga class. One section of the class I encourage the students to express themselves through their vinyasas. One gentleman interpreted that as his time to practice his ballet positions…… So while the class was doing our YOGA warm-ups he was all over the place in his ballet interpretation. Did I say anything? Nah, I just thought… well there is my first story for the blog day 1.

Talk at you tomorrow my friends, be happy. Love freely, and let that shit go that is weighing you down. You don’t need it….. you never did.

Your biggest fan, A.K.,