​Day 2: Adulting

Day 2! This morning I woke up about 5:30, got up, let the dogs out…… just kidding, not blogging about my daily life unless of course there is a good story to be told. And today has been kinda slow so here’s a good one.

In the days, weeks, months after my Mom’s death, I was suddenly responsible for a slew of new things. House things, bank things, you know the grown-up stuff. Having been spoiled up to this point by my mother I was a little lost, and definitely on my own, but such things had to be handled.  I refer to this time in my life as adulting.

One of the most important grown-up errands was to take care of the bank situation. Making sure all of our paperwork was complete and titles transferred from mom to me. Once I had all the proper documentation (death certs, will, living trust, a vile of my daughters’ blood), I was able to make an appointment with the bank to handle such business. My appointment was at 1:30 which gave me enough time to come home, eat, gather my stuff and go meet my bank liaison.

I walk out of my house at 1:15 and looked down my driveway to see a car that was parallel parked right in front of it… I couldn’t get my car out! Okay, lets back this up a little. I live nearly across the street from a senior center. More often than not the street is full of cars that belong to members of such center.  Almost always the space in front of my house is taken along with most of my neighbors. We don’t like it, but its just part of living in this crazy town.

MAD, I grab my phone and run over to the senior center “Who parked in front of my driveway” I screamed…. Whose car is that??? A large group of seniors were in the game room playing some type of card game. I asked again “WHOSE CAR IS THAT”! I pointed across the street and realized that not everyone in the room could see the car to which I was referring to. I then stomped over to the window, pulled up the blind and said “THAT CAR!, WHO DRIVES THAT CAR?”

At this point, not one person had taken their eyes off the hand of cards they held. “I am going to call 911 and have the car towed, I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT” I yell. Still nothing. So, being a woman of my word I dialed 911…. “what’s your emergency” the operator asked. “Someone is blocking my driveway with their car and I can’t get my car out, I have a very important appointment”. “Is there anyone in the car?” the dry 911 operator asked me. “I don’t know”. I said. “Please go over to the vehicle and see if there is a body in the car,” the 911 operator said. “FINE,” I said as I stomp back across the street. “No one in the car”, I respond to the operator, who then hung up on me! RUDE. So I called back… The next operator was even drier than the first and then explained to me that 911 was for EMERGENCIES only, and I had a parking situation on my hand, not a life-threatening emergency, oh ya I said…. “sorry.”

Shit, what the fuck am I going to do? Then I see a lady walking leisurely towards me. “Is this your car?” I ask. “Oh yes, I am so sorry”. Sorry???? WHY would you park in front of my DRIVEWAY?? (she literally had to parallel park into it because there were cars on both sides of the driveway.) “Nevermind, just move because I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT”.

The crazies had clearly taken over as I scream out my window as I drive off “I called the tow truck…. they are coming”!! I didn’t call the tow truck, but I was about to!!

Luckily the bank is only blocks away and I made to my big girl appointment on time. Three hours of sign here, initial here. scan this, get this notarized, and we were almost finished. It was time to set up my individual accounts and get the hell out of there.

My bank representative was amazing, we’d been through several meetings prior to this and she was patient and compassionate while I cried many times during the process. She even listened as I told my story about the car and 911 mishap. It was now time for my security questions: 1. Which celebrity do you think you most resemble? “Ciara” I answered without hesitation. She just sat there and looked at me. (In case you don’t know me, I look NOTHING like Ciara but she asked a question, and that was my answer). “Let’s try another one,” she said… “why? I asked, “I’ll remember that”. She said “because you don’t look like Ciara. Well, I feel like Ciara sometimes isn’t that enough? They are your stupid questions, I thought to myself rolling my eyes. Whatever, fine ask another.

We made it through the process of me setting up my accounts and I was on my way. I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment as I could now check off one more thing that was on my Mommy list. Adulting at its finest.