Day 5- Why are you here?

Why ARE you here? I often ask my students during an intense class. Not here like on this planet but whey are you HERE in this class RIGHT NOW? The answer is simple because they showed up. But really its more than that.

People often get up, get dressed, drive to the gym, jump into a class and never show up. What I mean by that is they either ignore the instructor completely and aren’t present at all, or they half-ass it and dial it in.

You know the ones, hell you may be one of them… Do you ever ask yourself the question why? Personally, I’m dying to know why you’d take all the steps to get there and then once you got there, you weren’t there. Get it? Some people don’t.

This way of living is not just in relation to our gym life. Many people live their lives in their own bubble, completely immune to other people and their feelings. These are the same people that think it’s acceptable to talk on the phone loudly in public or feel like yes they DO own the entire freeway, so its ALWAYS their right of way.

I really dislike these types of people.

The other night I was teaching a cycle class. One of the students in my class is a lady that I have known for YEARS, she takes my class at least twice a week and she NEVER rides with the class. NEVER. She is either on her phone or just looking around, bored perhaps. When we are in the saddle running, she is standing slow climbing and visa versa.

It used to infuriate me. I would try different ques and tactics to get her to be a part of THE GROUP EXERCISE class that she showed up to. Nothing worked. So I finally gave up, until this week.

This week I decided in my mind that I would follow everything SHE did. I watched her like a hawk, every time she stood up, we stood up, every time she slowed down so did we. Finally when she sat down picked up her phone, as usual, to start texting, so did I.

Was it the mature thing to do? No, Did she even notice was what going on? NO! After about 15 minutes of this ridiculousness, I got bored and went back to my original plan. Did anyone notice? I don’t think so.

Moral of the story: People are typically so self-absorbed that they don’t even know when they are being mocked. That is so sad to me. Whats happened to us as a society? We rarely talk to each other, make eye contact, ask someone HOW they are. What happened to actually giving a fuck about someone else other than yourself? Have we created walls so thick they will never be broken down? I hope not.

With me what you see is what you get, I am open to a fault but I am present as much possible. In order to truly enjoy life, you have to experience it, even if it hurts. If you are not present in the moment, that moment will pass you by. There are no do-overs and that time that is gone is gone forever.  

So stop, clear your mind and be where you are when you are there. Take it all in and then let it go to make room for the next thing.

No regrets, no turning back. Just take a deep breath and go on… LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Happy friday friends…



3 thoughts on “Day 5- Why are you here?

  1. I hope you know that I am there ALL the time! Even when I don’t feel up to being there. I know you know what is in my best interest and I respect you!! ❤️ Love you tooo!

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  2. I know of and see these types all the time and I say to myself why are you taking up bikes that someone else could use? Don’t come in here and kill the energy or take our oxygen. This is a specific breed of people. On the other hand, speaking for myself, I also have come to class distraught or in another headspace and I could not make that positive transition. We are all human with emotions. We all have problems. We are all fighting personal battles and demons. Your class is a refuge to us. Where we can partake in a release. But there are days when evil wins.


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