Day 6: Why is it so hot?

Why is it so hot? Oh, because it’s summertime in the IE….

The heat does crazy things to people, and when I say people I mean me. I can’t sleep, my sinuses are a mess and most likely I have a headache. Oh shit, I forgot not to get too boring and basic in these last few blogs.

OK… lets cut to the chase. No one looks their best if they are sleep deprived, sweaty, and going insane from staying in the house all day.

No one wants to drive their cars, when it’s over 100 degrees, outside which means the car is at least 20 more than that inside.

And no one, and I mean NO ONE should tell another person (especially a woman), that she looks exhausted, tired or anything other than beautiful, ever.

That’s it… simple and straight to the point.

And BTW if a person IS exhausted, sleep deprived, or sick… they already know they look hideous. Don’t rub it in.

And that’s day 6.