Well, I did it, Blogged seven days in a row (on purpose). Now that I know I can, I probably never will do it again. Just being honest.

It was hard to take something I love to do and make it something I HAD to do. Think about that, how often in life do we do that, take the love and turn it into a chore.

Most people who truly LOVE their jobs have a great passion for what they are doing.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be so successful and driven. But what about when the everyday sets in, everyone at some point needs a break from whatever they are doing.

So when you need the break from the thing that you are doing that you love so much, how do you feel? (This might get deep folks.) You love your spouse and children but also need a break from them. How do you feel when you are away?

How much of our identity is wrapped up in WHAT we do, and who we LOVE, instead of who we ARE? I think its a lot, do you think it’s because most of us have no idea who we are? Who we truly are. How can we when we spend so much time DOING what we love and spending time with WHO we love?

I don’t have an answer for that, only you know what going on with you, but I encourage you to explore that in yourself. Spend some time alone and make decisions purely on what YOU want, not what might make someone else happy. Be selfish when you can, for some of us, it’s way out of our comfort zone. For others, that’s where you live, so I don’t need to tell you.

I try to remind my yoga students, and (myself) that there is no wrong way to practice yoga. Just like there is no wrong way to do life (aside from the obvious).  Everyone has their own methods, truths and set of rules. The fun part is learning about others and how to connect through our similarities, not differences. Letting others be who THEY are, as you live as YOU are, freedom at its best.

Thanks for a week of laughter and love, talk at you soon… A.K.